Reporters & Liaisons


 R# Reporter Title
R1-53 Frédéric Leloup Gloss Perception and Measurement
R1-58 Phil Green

Liaison with ISO TC130 Graphic Technology

R1-60 Guihua Cui

Future colour-difference evaluation

R1-61 Aurelien David

Source whiteness metric

R1-62 Sophie Jost  Typical LED spectra 
R1-63 Changjun Li 

Tristimulus Integration

R1-64 Changjun Li

Real Colour Gamut

R1-65 Taiichiro Ishida

Categorical Colour Identification 

R1-66 Hiroyasu Ujike

The Effect of Dynamic and Stereo Visual Images on Human Health

R1-67 Youngshin Kwak

Revisiting Correlated Colour Temperature

R1-68 Kees Teunissen / Yoshi Ohno

A Gamut Area Measure and Colour-shift Graphic, based on CIE 13.3-1995



  Organisation/Subject Liaison Officer
L1-1 AIC - Association International de la Couleur to CIE D1 Paula Alessi
L1-2 BIPM/CCPR: Comite Consultatif de Photometrie et Radiometrie to CIE D1 Joële Viallon
L1-3 ISO/TC6/WG3: Paper, boards & pulps: Optical Properties to CIE D1 Joanne Zwinkels
L1-4 ISO/TC 38/SC1: Textiles. Colour fastness & measurement to CIE D1 Ronnier Luo
L1-5 ISO/TC 42: Photography to CIE D1 Klaus Richter
L1-6 ISO/TC 130: Graphic Technology to CIE D1 Danny Rich
L1-7 ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 28 Office Equipment to CIE D1 Yoko Mizokami
L1-8 IALA: International Association of Lighthouse Authorities to CIE D1 Malcolm Nicholson
L1-9 ISO TC 159 WG2 Design Issue for Elderly and Disabled People to CIE D1 Ken Sagawa
L1-10 CIE D1 to ISO TC 42: Photography TBN

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